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Defy Gravity! Ultherapy is a revolutionary non-invasive face-lift that requires no downtime. It is designed to reduce the appearance of loose, sagging skin to create a more youthful, yet natural appearance. The procedure works deep within the skin and does not cause any damage to the outer layers. Using highly focused ultrasound technology, Ultherapy tightens, firms, and lifts the skin on the face, neck, and eyes.

Ultherapy skin tightening technology (FDA APPROVED) uses a dual approach to nonsurgical skin toning and tightening. Using the patented Ulthera® System, ultrasound imaging visually maps the deepest layers of skin, (where a surgical facelift targets) allowing for precise and targeted skin tightening energy to be delivered where new collagen production can be most beneficial - the deep connective tissues of face and neck. Besides the visible effects of lifting and tightening, in the phrase there is also an invisable result from ultherapy with the creation of new collagen, which helps the skin maintain its youthfulness.

Ultherapy can treat the whole face, the lower face including the neck, just the neck, or the eyes. Ultherapy treatment on the eyes demonstrated a dramatic lift in the brow and around the eye for a tighter younger appearance. Fine lines are reduced and the over all eye appears more youthful.
Come discover more about Ultherapy NY by scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Greenberg. Call (212) 253-7138 to find out if Ultherapy is right for you.
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Skin Thera P™ Medical Spa and Dr William Greenberg have been featured in Time Out New York, The Today Show, CNBC.com, Manhattan Bride, Best of City Search and more.
The beauty of Ultherapy New York is that the entire procedure only takes 30 to 60 minutes. Afterwards, the body’s own subtle healing will respond by gently, gradually—and reliably—restoring memory to the skin and it’s underlying tissue.
Ultherapy requires no special recuperation or preparation and typically only takes one treatment to get a meaningful response
Patients enjoy some initial effect immediately following the procedure, but the ultimate lifting will take place over two to three months, as tired collagen is rejuvenated and supplemented with new, stronger collagen
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It is substantially different than other in-office aesthetic devices because it combines visualization beneath the skin’s surface with non-invasive delivery of ultrasound energy at depths that enable significant lifting of the skin. While drawing on the same reliable ultrasound principles that physicians and patients have trusted for decades, Ulthera’s patented DeepSEE™ technology allows Dr. Greenberg to treat deep below the skin without surgery.
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Benefits of Ultherapy Skin Tightening for the Face:
Tightens and tones the deepest tissues of the skin
Stimulates new collagen production for lasting skin tightening effects
Lifts and brightens the brows and eyes; achieving a non-surgical browlift
Defines and contours the neck and jowls
Adds volume to the surface of the skin; reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
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